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Emma Vites has run workshops and presented at City University, UCL, Yearup, Build, Manchester University, Queen Mary University, LinkedIn, NACUE and NYU on the following topics:

  • How to become more emotionally intelligent
  • How to Write a fantastic LinkedIn profile
  • The secrets to entrepreneurial success
  • How to build your personal and professional brand
  • The formula for selling anything!

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Testimonials from Past Events

First, I'd like to say you made a fan! Your presentation was both inspirational and informative. You are clearly an expert in your field and your advice definitely resonated.
I also want to thank you for sharing your personal difficulties. Something about your approach made me stand up and admit in a room full of people that I have dealt with depression; this is something I never do and actively avoid. Again, you really resonated.
I've been trying to shake up my LinkedIn summary for quite a while now, never understanding what was wrong, but feeling it was far from right. I've tried to follow your pointers and am hoping the results will be the first step towards ending up in a career that makes me happy and supports my family. I'd love to hear your feedback.
Finally, I just ordered a copy of your book: I hope those of us who are well into their careers can learn from it to adjust our ways for the better. Or, maybe that can be the inspiration for your next one!

Thanks a million - you really helped!


Emma, I just wanted to thank you for your help and advice as it has helped me secure a placement at Mars! I was also offered another job with a top company too, but I really want Mars. I am so happy and in shock at the same time. Thanks again.


Louise Pullen

Emma Vites is uniquely placed to advise graduates exiting the protected bubble of university and trying to make sense of the big, wide world of competitive applications, assessment and interviews. Finding your first job can be a perplexing process, but Emma breaks it down into a series of easily achievable steps, and her warmth, humor and direct approach bring a welcome change to the dry and often out-of-date advice alternatively available.

Bryony SutherlandFreelance Editor & Writer