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Writing a C.V. can be a scary experience. All of the hard work and effort that you have taken at University has to be written down on a few pieces of paper and this is the only tool employers have for making a decision as to put you in the ‘yes’ pile or the ‘no’ pile.

So How can you make your C.V. stand out and what are the best tips for being spotted!

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Firstly employers give you a LOT of clues as to what they are looking for. Lets examine the following example:

‘Our client specialises in providing professional speakers, entertainers and business facilitators throughout Australia. They work hand in hand with companies to understand their requirements to make events and conferences stand out from the rest.

The management team who you will be working closely with has over 20 years experience within the industry. Their knowledge, experience and business systems will be provided to you to ensure your success in this role. The team is currently made up of 7 experienced long standing team members which is a testament to the way the company is run. The office environment is very relaxed and funky in line with the industry.

In order to succeed in this position the right person will have relevant experience in:

* Creative proposal writing

* Great attention to detail

* A working knowledge of speakers & conferences

* A broad general knowledge would be favourable in media, sport, business and personalities

* Prior experience with CRM systems

* Great communicator

Although our client has a list of current clients that have been associated to the company for many years there will be an element of calling to particular people and companies in order to enhance and further your position.

The owner is prepared to reward the right person according to their experience. You will be remunerated with a retainer plus commission based on a realistic, achievable structure. There are also times where you will have to entertain and attend client functions.’

As you can see from the above example…they tell you what they are looking for! ‘creative proposal writing, great attention to detail, a working knowledge of speakers and conferences, a broad general knowledge in media, sport, business and personalities and a great communicator.

Therefore NOW all you would do is write examples of where you have demonstrated each of those skills.

For example…  ‘At University I had to write proposals all the time for my course, which has greatly enhanced my proposal writing skills’

‘A huge part of my degree was writing creative stories and presentations providing me with excellent writing ability, which can be utilized for proposals and other documentation.

When writing your resume, please include examples of how you have demonstrated what they are looking for but make sure you include EXAMPLES!

The best advice I was every given was 3 little words…….


Feature- I have great communication skills

Proof- This was demonstrated by the fact I was chosen to represent my school in all the public speaking competitions across the borough

Benefit- This means I will be able to liaise with decision makers at all levels with ease both internally and externally

The FEATURE…PROOF…BENEFIT rule is also perfect for interviews!

A lot of people get confused with the amount of pages you should have in a resume and this can vary according to the role but one rule of thumb is EMPLOYERS WILL SEARCH FOR THE BUZZ WORDS ON PAGE 1. This means that you need to begin with a punchy career objective which relates to their role and their company.

So with the example I provided you would write:

“ I am a great communicator with several years’ experience working in the media industry looking for a role where I can create specialized events which meet my clients individual needs. I have experience of dealing with decision makers at all levels in the media and entertainment industry, I have a working knowledge of speakers and conferences and I have the ability to write effective proposals as well as win lots of new business”


1. Read the job ad carefully…..tear apart what they are looking for and write examples of where you may have demonstrated each of those points

2. Use the FEATURE…PROOF…BENEFIT rule and when you put you have ‘great communication skills’…back this up with an example

3. Write a punchy career objective tailored to the role you want and the company you are applying for. If you want to work in IT…don’t write that you enjoy media!

4. Keep it to 2 pages…maximum 3…and have everything important and relevant on page 1

5. Put contact details on and make sure your spelling and grammar is perfect!

Written by Emma Vites


Copyright © 2012 Emma Vites