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Confidence is crucial to success because then you will start acting like you’re worth it and you will follow your passions- believe me you want to be doing something you’re passionate about and interested in otherwise you won’t lead a happy life.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that right now we don’t have the best economy, however I also know that if you’re confident in your abilities and are proactive enough to go after what you want, then you can and will get your dream job! Yes you may have to make some sacrifices for example cutting out the $10 cocktails and perhaps even make a packed lunch every now and then but it will definitely be worth it!

How do you become more confident?

Confidence is a quality which truly comes from within. It is something you need to believe and can’t be faked! Firstly you need to love yourself! Remember you are a fantastic creature, so focus on your strengths! Are you a good writer? Do you have great eyes? Are you friendly and kind?.Think about your good qualities and the positive aspects of you. Everyone has positive traits. Think of your abilities, accomplishments. Identify those people who like you, people who look up an respect you. I would write down aspects of yourself which you like, including character traits, talents and achievements. Write down those skills you possess naturally or have developed and always continue adding to your list of positives. Benjamin Franklin did this. By focusing on your strengths and not dwelling on your weaknesses you will slowly become more confident

Next remember this key phrase, which I will mention time and time again! ‘Perception is projection’! What this means is what you say about someone else is actually what you are telling your unconscious mind how you feel about yourself! Be careful when calling someone else fat, ugly or boring for example as this is what you will be projecting onto yourself! This is really important to remember in the quest for confidence because your habits of discussing other people are affecting your own quest for excellence! It is important to stay away from gossiping and bitching if you want to be as confident as possible thus attracting success and all the best things in life into your life!

Written by Emma Vites