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You: a “big data” coder who is tired of spinning up instances to calculate the “Most Read Article” from log files. You are more interested in exercising some of those lost maths skills and working alongside the next Sergey or Larry. You want to be able to tell your mum that you know who is the most influential person is in the upcoming Presidential election, and it isn’t a TV personality. And you enjoy working on problems that look more like:

  • process billions of edge social graphs to extract the conversation graph on a particular topic
  • look at a terabyte of social actions data to discover interests and authorities from the entire twitter verse and social web by applying an elegant maths model that your mate developed
  • arguing with your mates on how important a retweet is over a +1 on Google+


Who Are We?
Our client is one of the fastest growing and most influential companies on the Silicon roundabout. They are innovative, fast growing and highly dynamic and are looking for like minded people to join their development team.


Who Are You?
You are a graduate in computer science or a similar quantitative degree (their CTO is partial to EE or ME), has had previous experience in crunching through large data sets using tools like Hadoop or Mahoot and can argue the finer points of why Java is a better language than PHP or python for “big data” efforts.

You are a stickler for building amazing systems and are not afraid of failing unit or systems tests. You are about holding your own in a maths discussion and can sense when someone is BSing about a conclusion they came up with. You are not afraid of taking on the challenges of creating meaning from data chaos and love designing the most elegant of programs.

You are likely a closet maths geek (yes, you were calculating the odds of Spain winning the Women’s World Cup) Рbut your true calling is the ability to develop elegant code alongside some amazing people.

What About the Role?
You will be responsible for:

  • Developing systems for identifying, evaluating and predicting influence in online and offline spheres
  • Working closely with data scientists to build, implement and operationalize (at a large scale) algorithms to describe influence and contagion in networks
  • Working as part of the wider development team across their data platform


You will be a member of the Data Science Team working with others to test out models and use agile development techniques to improve and enhance with live data. You will work with the Product Team to bring your algorithm to light so that your mum might understand what you are working on and why Uncle Bob is an authority in Cheshire Cheese.

What Must I Have?
At the very minimum, you must be able to work in the EU. Please – do not apply if you do not already have a valid work permit for the EU (unless you are from the US and then you could apply since our CTO is an American).

Additionally you must have:

  • Excellent experience in coding ‚Äúbig data‚Äù solutions – with an emphasis in Hadoop / Mahoot solutions

To hold your own, you should have more than a year of experience in data analysis

  • Oh, and having experience in Hadoop (or Nutch or Mahout) and Java is a major point.


To apply for this role,¬†contact us by emailing [email protected] or CALL 0203 086 8033¬†and state the reason why you should be considered for this role and attach a copy of your C.V.