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How to be positive

So much is written about the power of positive thinking. It is somehow believed that if we consciously change a negative thought to a positive thought then miraculously our lives will change for the better. And even though we know we should be positive, sometimes it is really hard isn’t it? He or she didn’t return your phone call, the car broke down, your boss upset you, your cat died. Things happen all the time to put us in a bad mood, so how can we be positive? Because quite frankly just changing our belief system isn’t working!

This is because positivity goes deeper and takes a lot more effort than just changing a thought. It is about understanding that 96% of what we think, feel and see is subconscious and sometimes these negative patterns reoccur because our brain has created mini bear traps, which wait until the thought comes in again, traps it and then re-confirms that our initial negative thought was right! For example, you may have the thought that you were unlucky”. What then happens is your subconscious mind believing you are unlucky will only notice the unlucky events that inevitably occur in your life. The truth is you will also be attracting lots of luck into your life too, but your ‘bear traps’ wills stop you from seeing these and will only let you notice the unlucky events. The only way we can trick the bear traps and remove them is by focusing on how you want to feel instead.

So when something negative happens, we must train our brain to look for a solution, rather than focus on the problem. Let’s look at an example. You may have run out of money to pay the rent next month. Rather than stressing and worrying, which is always our first reaction, start thinking about the result we want. We want to earn money to pay the rent or alleviate the stress of paying the rent. What this does is train our brain to focus on solutions and next actions, rather than dwelling on the worry. For example some actions could be to secure a part-time job, or start packing, put our room up for rent and move in with a friend or family. Another action could be to explain to our landlord the situation and see if we can get a rent extension. Whichever action we choose, it is more beneficial and empowering than worry and stress. We then become more positive about the situation we are in and with the new positive energy; we attract positive outcomes.

So next time a negative thought enters your brain, acknowledge it and then automatically focus on the solutions to the problem, rather than dwelling on the problem itself.

Try today and see how much better you feel. Let us know the outcome! [email protected]

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Written by Emma Vites, CEO The Apprentice Project @emmavites @apprenticepro

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