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The 3 best interview questions to ask

You’ve made it through to an interview and now is your time to shine! Here are my top 3 interview questions to ask at the end of an interview!

Firstly you need to remember the 2 key things most employers think about when recruiting are:

  1. Will this person help me make money?
  2. Will they get on with the team?

The most common reasons people get fired in their probation period are they are not demonstrating how they can add value (save time, make money) or they don’t fit in with the culture of the organization.

Therefore the 3 best interview questions to ask at the end of the interview are as follows:

1. What is the culture of the company like? Do you see me fitting in?

This question demonstrates that you know how important cultural fit is and that you are not scared to find out if it is the right company for you and vice versa

2.In your opinion, what competencies make people really successful in this role?

Once you have listened to the information you can then start thinking and reiterating examples of where you have demonstrated those competencies. Start the sentence by saying ‚”I am really glad you said those things as that is where I see my strengths lying. For example I once had to do X, X and X (RELATE this to the competencies mentioned) and I can see those skills being valuable in this role too”

3.I see on LinkedIn that xxxx is your background. What was the reason you joined this company? And what are your favorite things about this company?

This suggests you are interested in the person who is interviewing you and that you have done your research! Everyone likes to feel important and have their ego stroked. You are also expressing a keen interest in working for the company and want to know why they took a job there.

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