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I walked into a gym this morning in LA, there was no one on reception so I walked in confidently with my head held high and acted like I belonged there. The receptionist then came back, gave me a look almost that he knew I hadn’t registered but because I was so confident I tricked his subconscious mind into believing that I belonged and he let me stay. This is the second time this has happened! I also have a free gym membership in London. I walk in and in true Derren Brown style I hand over my card (a card I haven’t refilled for 3 months) and they let me in. I know this is primarily due to the fact that because I go so often, they believe I belong there and that I am definitely a member and they let me in. I have tricked their subconscious into believing I belong.

So what is the point of this story? And what does this mean for you and how it can help you in everyday life? The point is that confidence is perceived. If you act confident, internally and externally, then people will believe that you are. As confidence has such a positive effect on people, then this is an incredibly important skill. People will perceive you to be more capable, stronger, and more reliable. They will warm to you and trust you. They will believe that you will complete everything you say you will and in a job situation, they will want to hire you! In this case, my confidence demonstrated that I must have belonged; I must have had a membership!

So how do you improve your confidence? The trick is to model excellence. i.e. think of somebody, famous or not, who you consider confident. These will be the people you think of and get a positive response from. How do they walk? How do they carry themselves? How do they sit and stand? How do they talk? What you’ll find is they walk with their heads held high, shoulders back and have a calm face. They won‚t waffle and instead will get to the point quickly and easily. They will be very well presented and they will listen attentively to everything they are asked before responding. They will also be knowledgeable and intelligent.

Some tricks to speed your confidence and become the person that people perceive to be very capable and who definitely belong anywhere are to meditate every morning for 5-10 minutes to clear your mind from clutter and present a calm demeanor. Find an outfit that you feel very smart and good in. I recommend a nice pair of jeans, smart shoes and a smart jacket for both boys and girls. †A suit can look too forced and uncomfortable. Jewellery and make-up should be kept to a minimum (perhaps smart earrings, a necklace and a watch). Practice walking with your head held high and shoulders back! Practice listening and asking questions, rather than talking. ‚People like people like themselves and people like talking about themselves, so make them feel important and you will ignite positive reactions. You must repeat the positive mantra ‚You belong here, you are important in your heads to install into your subconscious mind. You have to truly believe that you belong and then other people will believe too.

This confidence trick can be used to get into events, which are guest list only, walking into VIP sections, walking to the front of queues and lines and of course getting FREE gym membership or anything else you would want for free! : )

All you need to do is believe!

Written by Emma Vites

Copyright © 2019 Emma Vites


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