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* Ask open ended questions- who, what, where, when, why

* Remember you have 2 ears and one mouth so use them in that order

* You should listen more than you talk

* Mirror your client’s behaviour

* Build effective rapport

* Have a good opening and then ask questions

* Remember you need to walk out of a meeting with some form of commitment and next steps! Otherwise it is a wasted meeting

* Learn to love rejection! The more‚no’s you get the closer you are to a yes!

* The more rejection you get, the better you will be as you will have practiced more than other sales people

* Pick up the phone! Generating new business and hunting for new opportunities is fun!

* Learn, learn and learn some more! You must constantly be educating yourself on sales techniques

* Learn the SPIN technique! Amazing solution selling skills!

* Have a good account plan, learn your customers business and align solutions which will help their business grow

* Remember companies only care about making money, saving money and reducing risk so relate everything you sell to those 3 things!

* Write down everything you learn about a customer and remember about their personal life…..this will help with building and maintaining rapport!

* Remember a client’s name! Very important!

* Make sure your client feels that you understand their business

* Read industry magazines that you specialise in

* Deliver a great service by following up with a client after every engagement

* Under promise and Over deliver!

* Be honest with your customers- if your product or service cannot help them , tell them! They will appreciate you being a trusted advisor

* Always aim to be a trusted advisor

* Make sure you prepare for all objections so you know how to overcome all of them!

* Understand your product and the benefits!

* Ask for referrals

* Get your customers as references

* Smile and be polite

* Always ask for commitment!

* Be tenacious, personable and presentable

* Look after your appearance!

* Be enthusiastic, it is infectious!

* Be positive! you will attract positive things to you

Written by Emma Vites


Copyright  Emma Vites